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We do all the work through your internet connection. See how easy it is for us to help you. NO TECHNICIAN NEEDS TO VISIT YOUR SITE!

Be sure to ask about how our Online Help Center can help you with your computer questions and problems.

Two Support Types Available:

  1. Our exclusive Vouli enables us to give you the best in PC and network support at competitive rates
  2. Traditional on-site support for more complex issues requiring hands on attention

How does Online Help Center work?

Read more about how our Online Help Center works and why it offers remarkable savings over traditional service options to fix PC problems. Read more here.

You will be amazed at how quickly we are able to help you fix problems on your Windows PC or your networked computers. No more wading through manuals or reading aloud over the phone what the error message on the screen says. Call us right now to find out how we can help you with our (415) 642-8842 and how easy it is to communicate with our technicians.

Reduce your PC management costs

Have you been thinking about hiring your first (or additional) IT staff person? Think again. Using our services when you need them is much more cost effective than hiring someone full time. We're just a phone call away and are anxious to help you with your computer problem RIGHT NOW!

What sorts of service does Michigan Geek provide?

  • Printer setup/troubleshooting
  • Software installation
  • Remote office connections
  • how to use existing programs
  • Internet access - Local networks
  • network security
  • data security
  • data recovery
  • e-mail
  • Firewall Protection
Most of the calls we receive are for the quick answer to a question or computer problem. Many of these are handled within our standard support call (See our imminency)

Value Conscious? Relax!

Our efficient problem solving approach and Online Help Center allows us to provide top level support services to the budget conscious. All you need is an internet connection to take advantage of our Online Help Center. On site service calls are also an option.

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