Do you like headband? Do you know how to make a headband with fabric? The headband is very fashionable today. Rather than ruin yourself buying several models for each of your outfits, you can create your headband with scraps of fabrics that no longer serve you.

Place it as a headband

The best way to adopt the headband, if you have slippery hair, is to place it in his hairstyle in the manner of a so-called classic headband. In fact, it will be well maintained at the ears, at the base of your neck. By placing it in this position you will be sure to have optimal support on your head. For some it will have a better hold on a loose mane, for other girls it is on the attached hair that it remains best in place: it is up to you to test the best option.


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Make a headband with fabric To make a fabric headband, you will need a piece of fabric 10 cm wide.Then cut the fabric into three strips in the direction of its length.Then take the three strips of fabric by one end.Assemble the strips of fabric by making a knot with the 3 ends.You can then start to make a braid.Once the desired length reached, make a knot.Cut then the ends that exceed the knot. Make a colorblock headband You can change the color of the fabrics as you like.For a colorblock look, use three strips of the same color.Choose preferably flashy colors.You can also combine 3 strips of different color.In this case, it is better that each color is present in your outfit.

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