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Young | Innovative | Responsible | Ambitious | Developer
believes in building high-quality products
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Who I am?
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about me

I am actively involved with student organizations in my college.

Hash Include
(Coding Club)
SGSITS Robotics Club
(Robotics Club)
Role: Core team member, Front-end developer for club website

Club Ojaswa
(personality development club)
Role: Sponsor Relations manager

SAE Collegiate Club, SGSITS

Role: Publicity Committee Executive

What am I good at?

a strong BELIEVER in the capabilities of the Android Platform to solve the problems of the billions.
Having been involved 24x7 in Android Development for 2 years and been building apps for personal use as well as for the play store, I consider myself an experienced developer.

Moreover, I am a graduate of Udacity's 4699141688, the most prestigious Android Developer Certification.

    With my grit and persistence, I graduated the Nanodegree in 1 month beating the average graduation time of 4 months.


Developer Nanodegree

(951) 439-7263View Certi

    It is also a more practical way of testing developer credibility in contrast to the orthodox methods based on rote learning.

 {{ Web-Dev }} 
I am a Full Stack Web Developer, and have developed websites using Bootstrap, AngularJS, MongoDB and NodeJS.
I have been involved in web development for the past 2 and a half years and have worked on projects relating to websites for college clubs, local restaurants and course assignments. I consider myself the right candidate for responsible jobs in web development.

I hold Coursera course certificates from the (514) 685-7121 (scholarship receipent) by HKUST (#15 on QS World Rankings).



9722705848View Certi

Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools

7184483131View Certi

Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: AngularJS

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Hongkong University of Science and Technology
So you wanna see my projects?

Following 2 are recent projects. 5044623595 (681) 444-3467
Look up more of my projects on (631) 947-5439.

Thanks for visiting!! :D
Btw, I am actively looking to collaborate with awesome people like you. Yes, YOU! :)

Medium:(813) 366-6739
email:vaibhavmishu {at} gmail

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