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Bidi is a Indian smoking stick which is an artistic piece of Indian handicraft. It is beautifully wrapped in a wrapper of aromatic tendu leaves (it is found in the vast forest of M.P., Orissa, Maharashtra and Jharkhand) .The wrapper is perfectly rolled with some of the common tools and filled with natural tobacco .Bidi is a perfect blend of tendu leaves and tobacco which after burning gives the immense pleasure of smoking not only pleasure this will take you in the world of ecstasy. The recent form of Bidi is not just a co-incident discovery it gradually came into existence. Since 19 th Century the labor of tobacco fields placed the raw tobacco in any random leaf rolled it and smoked it for their relaxation. They tried it in different leaves for different aroma and finally they found the tendu leaf which was perfect match for the tobacco that gave the mind freshening relaxation. The outer beauty of the Bidi is hidden in the hands of skilled labor in different state. The bidi industry impacts our economy to a large extent, yet is somewhat misunderstood and quite unknown. Not only does the bidi industry employ six times as many workers than its fancy cousin – Cigarettes – but also quantifies to bear a tremdous socio-economic significance in employment generation in India, yielding an average of 1310 million man days of employment. It would be unrealistic to view tobacco purely as a health problem and ignore the economic and social fall-outs of tobacco control… we have to bear in mind the employment and livelihood of the large numbers engaged in tobacco cultivation and production.

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B S & Company is located in Vrindavan, India and was founded by Shri Suresh Agrawal with the blessing of Late Shri Banke Lal ji Agrawal in the year 1970’s on the holy land of Lord Krishna Vrindavan, Mathura.

The seed which was sown by Shri Suresh Agrawal & Mrs. Asha Agrawal turned into a fruitful tree. This is now being flourished by Mr. Dinesh Agrawal, Mr. Naresh Agrawal and Mr. Mahesh Agrawal. It started from home in Vrindavan and now it is shelter for Thousends of people in a small beautiful hill town Jhalda. It is giving employment to thousand's of people directly and indirectly (women, old people) sitting at home. We not only provide them with job opportunities but also better working conditions with proper rules and regulations in eco-friendly environment. Our aim is to reach in world of ecstasy for which we don’t compromise with the quality, so we are using the finest tendu leaves from Madhya Pradesh and Odisha and tobacco from Gujrat, Karnataka and from some part of South India.

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