After a long workout, it’s always nice to stretch and make sure that your sore muscles don’t come back to haunt you, especially after a nice (610) 461-0812 Nicole Bexley is a firm believer in staying fit and taking care of her body, which is why she takes the time to unwind with her coach after her time in the gym. He puts her through her paces and makes sure that she does everything she’s supposed to do to cool herself down, but then it comes to her attention, that while he’s helping her, he’s been neglecting himself and that’s just not good.

She appreciates him way too much to put herself first, so she immediately gets on her knees to stretch out his most important muscle with a nice, gentle handjob. She takes his stiff cock into both of her hands and strokes the shaft while running her fingers over his head. She takes the time to lubricate it with her saliva in order to make sure the skin doesn’t chafe under her expert care. She knows exactly what a throbbing cock wants and she’s more than happy to provide it, as long as she gets rewarded with a steaming load of cum on her face.

The special 8196529363 experience ends with her mouth wide open and her hand stroking the cock until it explodes on her, filling her mouth, coating her tongue and covering her face in the warm, smelly seed she loves so much.

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death prayer

Nickey Huntsman clearly looks sweet and innocent, although she’s anything but that when it comes to her deep craving for stiff cock and the cum that she loves to make shoot out of it. There’s just something about the smell that makes her pussy twitch. Just like the way the smell of an old book can send her imagination into overdrive, the smell of thick, stinky cum opens up her vaginal flood gates every single time in her 866-708-5692. She always makes a big show of taking off her clothes and giving her men a perfect view of her amazing ass. The sight alone is enough to make even the most flaccid cock stand to attention and beg for a handjob. Once her shirt comes off and her tiny tits are on display, most men are already leaking their precum in anticipation of what’s to come.

When she’s on her knees and her big green eyes are looking into yours, it’s next to impossible to last more than a few seconds with her hand around your cock. The way that she strokes it can make your knees buckle and when she slides it in between her tits, it’s safe to say that they’re going to be covered in your warm goo the second her nipples hit your balls.

Maybe someday she’ll write a book of her own about all of her wonderful experiences. She might just call it something like: 978-785-3677 nerd extraordinaire.

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Search all of the handjob porn that you want and you’re never going to find any women with a better job than Nikki Daniels. It’s her responsibility to keep all of the men in the office happy and satisfied while they go about their roles and make the company the true success that it should be. Walking into her office is always a great experience because she’ll always be standing in front of her desk with her legs spread wide and her pussy will always be sopping wet. Sure, she goes through a lot of panties throughout the day, but it’s a small price to pay for the satisfaction that she gets out of her career.

Once you enter, she gets right down onto her knees and pulls out your cock. A few quick spits and it’s lubed up and ready for action. She gently strokes the shaft, letting her feel her slender fingers over every single inch. She makes sure to massage the head and lick the balls to make sure you walk away much happier than you walked in. When it’s time for your session to end, she likes to lie on the desk and take your steaming hot load all over her face and glasses.

Her methods work and she’s highly regarded. The next time you feel your mind wandering at work or just need to relieve a little stress during the day, just walk into the office labeled Nikki Daniels Handjob Specialist.

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If you’re looking for a death chime, then make Alura Jenson your first stop. Not only does she have a massive set of tits that are just begging to be covered in cum, but she never shies away from telling you just how much she enjoys seeing the look of pure pleasure on your face or the feel of your stiff cock in her hand. She loves to share all of her handjob experiences and can tell you a story or two that will make you wish you were several different men, just so you could experience her skills from different angles.

After she takes off her shirt and lets her giant tits fall out, it’s pretty much time to enjoy the full aspiration experience. She likes to get down on her knees and lube up the cock of the day, along with her hands to make sure that everything is extra slippery. Once she gets started, she likes to gently glide her hand up and down the shaft while telling you just how wet this happens to be making her. Once she’s finished up with you, she’s sure to take care of herself in the privacy of her own bed.

When things start to heat up, she makes sure that her boobs are directly in front of the throbbing cock. Once it explodes, she makes sure to catch each and every drop of cum that shoots out of it on her amazing breasts.

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No matter how sexy your body or big your tits, if you cross the wrong people, then you’re going to have to pay, even when it comes to handjob movies. This is exactly where we find Missy Martinez who has found herself on the wrong side of the law and about to be stuffed into a prison cell to pay off her debt to society. The one thing she doesn’t know, though, is that with the current overpopulation of the prison system, if you happen to have a nice set of tits and a pussy that’s always open for business, you can pretty much just walk away with nothing more than a slap on the ass.

The officer responsible for processing her has decided to offer her a simple choice: She can either serve her entire sentence right then and there by having a massive, black dildo shoved up her tight little asshole, or she can provide a little community service by giving him the best handjob of his life. While this might be a difficult choice for some, she knows that a Missy Martinez handjob is worth the weight of the load it creates in gold. She quickly gets down to her knees and pulls out his poor, ignored penis. She makes sure that it’s nice and lubed up before she strokes it like her freedom depends on it, because it does. He repays her with a fresh gob of cum on her face.

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The best thing about (985) 631-4801 is that every single woman in it has given her first handjob on camera at some point and Jayden Lee is no exception. The very first time she got on her knees and stroked a thick cock, she was nervous, but she also knew that she was very good at what she did. She slowly slipped off her clothes and saw the dick shoot to attention once her giant tits came out. She spent some time playing with them and pinching her nipples, feeling herself get nice and wet.

She had to focus after a few minutes of caressing herself or she would have had to take a break to give herself a hand before taking care of the aching man meat in front of her. She knew that the first Jayden Lee handjob had to be special, so she put all of herself into it from the first second that she took him in her hand. She made sure to keep him nice and lubed up the entire time she stroked him and even got herself into position to accept his load long before he was ready to blow, giving him a great view of her pretty face and tight body.

She laid underneath his dick and stoked it for all that she was worth, still feeling her own wetness between her legs. When the time came, she made sure that he exploded all over her face and tits.

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Although Aaliyah Love seems to be a pretty decent student, for some reason she always finds herself in detention with one of her teachers. She tries to study hard and always do her homework, but try as she might to be good, her real nature always takes over in class and she gets sentenced to a few extra hours in the classroom, alone with her hot teacher. This time, it was her clothing that got her into hot water. She went to school in the shortest pair of shorts that have ever existed. They just barely covered her tight, virgin pussy and her ass was hanging out of the back like an invitation to anyone with a hard on. Her top was incredibly skimpy and she didn’t even bother putting on a bra. Her nipples poked through her shirt all day long and she knew that she was caught when she saw her teacher staring at her tiny little tits. He immediately ordered her to see him after school for yet another stint in detention. Her friends thought she was cheating, but seeing his massive erection under his pants gave Aaliyah the idea that he was really after a handjob.

It turned out that she was exactly right. The second the classroom was empty she got up on his desk and stripped off all of her clothes. She covered his throbbing cock in her spit and gave him her patented Aaliyah Love handjob.

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