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We are based in Netherlands, where we started as a local shop on the back streets of Amsterdam. We started growing rapidly, as the recession started to lose it´s grip on the economy and our real stores were a hit amongst the locals. In 2016, we had already 4 stores all around the country. To improve our sales, we decided, that we have to get our business to the internet also. So we built this page to offer the best deals ever. Especially do our loyal customers. We want to give them back, as they have been next to us through all these years. Our business model is based on good contacts with the manufacturers in the far east, where we keep a small team of our specialists, who will source the greatest products the world has to offer. Then they are dispatched to the Rotterdam harbors, where we collect the shipments to feed our shops.

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Now we want to move away from that real shop thing a bit, as web shops allow us to distribute the products directly to customers and thus we can get even bigger discounts, that will make our customers really happy. We love what we do and we hope you´ll like the clean and simple webshop, we have built for you. Contact us to become the gold member and you can get even more bonuses. We have gold programs, that allow you to visit us, get additional 10% off of every deal on the page and you´ll get an additional gift pack as a welcome after the registration process and all this is free of charge for new members. We hope to see you soon.

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  • Up to 25% cheaper prices for members!

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Before you buy, think about this!

When evaluating a laptop to buy, there are a number of different factors to take into account. Generally, each laptop is a form of compromise between portability and power – the more powerful the specification, the larger the components, and the greater the battery is needed to make them run. Before you begin to weigh the current models, decide how you use the laptop daily, and whether you value more energy or portability.


The speed of the processor and memory on a laptop affect how fast the tasks can complete and how many tasks it can handle at the same time. Visual intensive tasks need a better graphics card.  Some high-end laptops now contain fixed-state drives, which are smaller and more expensive, but much faster access to the overall performance rate, so memory is a great factor also.


Safety of a laptop depends largely on the installed software, but there are also hardware considerations. A password-protected Windows account is a simple but effective barrier to unauthorized access while third-party encryption tools can protect data if the laptop is in the wrong hands.


Make sure the available input and output ports meet your laptop needs. You need USB ports to have enough accessories. If you want to use a second screen or display the monitor on a larger screen or projector, check if there is a VGA, DVI or HDMI port and that it meets your requirements and matches the available inputs on the device.

Other criteria

Many things come to play, when you think, how you plan to use the computer. An integrated webcam enables online video conferencing. With a docking station you can connect more peripherals, while a larger battery offers more power and so on. Think before you buy and when you do, consider our member bonuses…