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About Us

My name is Brian Kolterman, the founder and principal data scientist of Erebrium LLC. For the past 5 years I have been delivering data science solutions on multiple continents for entities ranging from small non-profits to large telecommunications companies. Before working in the private sector, I earned a PhD in physics and worked as a research scientist for over a decade analysing data, building statistical models, presenting and publishing papers in astrophysics and neuroscience. 

I can work closely with you and your team on a variety of data and machine learning tasks. For larger projects, I have a small team of experienced contractors at the ready. Our goal is to deliver personalised service with a strong commitment to user privacy and data security. Whether you need a single person to supplement your team or require the development of a full AI infrastructure solution we will help you use the value hidden in your data.

(416) 789-9171
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