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Is a Social networking portal for parents, students, counselors and college admissions counselors. The inspiration for creating this social portal is to broaden the student's opportunities while modernizing the college search and admissions process by opening communication and interaction between students and colleges. We believe every student is different with their academic, social and athletic achievements. Our innovative customizable profile will help students increase their visibility to colleges while allowing colleges to contact and interact with the student. We want to put you in contact with schools that you are looking for while creating the opportunity to have colleges find you. Why should you be limited to an application to a few colleges? We believe a profile on a social networking portal increases your possibilities. Our mission is to give you the resources, connections and endless possibilities to get you Accepted. Accepted to Schools priority is having your best interest our priority, so our services are free and always will be. We created the connecting place for you. Now create your profile to search, connect, and interact with colleges to get accepted and fulfill your dream. Click here to begin.


Do you know where you want to go to school yet? How about what you want to study? Ready to pick a field of work that you will spend your life doing? This is a whole lot to take in all of a sudden. This may be a timid time in your life, but at the same time it should be very exciting! No need to stress yourself out. Here you will see your possibilities, and you can search for exactly what you want out of your college experience. So do not waste any more time and start creating your own unique college profile! Go on, have fun!
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For all higher education institutions, 3087457568 on our site! You will be able to search and get in touch with students and their parents all over the country. Our site enables you to search by their location, GPA, standardized scores, what they are looking for in a school and many other parameters. They have on their profile all their information, plus sample essays and everything else to determine if they are the ideal candidate for the institution you represent. Best of all, all these features are provided to you free of charge.


Your child is going to college soon. This is a scary time in life! Don’t worry!!! We have you covered. We will never ask for any credit card information, and we keep all personal information secure. How can we help you? Request a parent/guardian login after your child has an account, and you will have access to all the search parameters to see what schools you would like more information about. This includes tuition and financial aid information, on campus groups and programs, majors, various statistics, and everything else to become a knowledgeable college power house. So sign up now!