it's more than On and Off.

curiousfly live switch

Live switch

An empathic Touch

Multiple actions from a single module

Emergency for easy access of essential loads

Live for quick turn off and on

Individual control over loads

curiousfly fly switch

Fly switch

Your place, your choice

A movable unit for effortless and wireless control from anywhere in your home.

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Create your custom scenes

Control devices connected to your outlets

Access live or emergency features

The three touch control allows you to customize your applications as required. These functions can be set through the mobile app.

curiousfly master hub

Master Hub

A hub for your intelligent home.

it connects wirelessly with all your connected devices and a single touch allows quick ON-OFF control when you enter or leave the home.

Cloud remote access

Away Feature for quick control

Mobile connectivity IOS and Android

curiousfly app

Curiousfly App

A single app to control your whole home

With Curiousfly app you can control and monitor all your appliances with a single click


Schedule the on- off timings of all loads


Operate your appliance within the time period set by you

Energy Monitoring

Monitor and control the energy consumption of your devices

Device Lock

Be the master of your home and lock any device and its usage

App Sharing

Extend app control features to family or guests

Complete Control

Control all switch module and Hub functions

curiousfly smar ac controller

Smart AC controller

Enhance your comfort

Control your Air conditioner from anywhere using your smart phone

Smart temperature control

Humidity level monitoring

Automatic AC controll based on your location

Here's just a few examples of what you can
do with Curiousfly

In a hurry? One touch switches of all loads. With a single click your home is ready to welcome you back
Customize your essential loads to turn on in an emergency for your elderly and get immediate notifications to your phone.
Control energy usage. Set usage limits and receive energy consumption statistics of your devices

Even when you’re on a vacation, set your outside lights to turn on as per your usual schedule

Easily control your home from your office using Curiousfly app

A home that can cool before your arrival
Place your movable fly switch on your walls, your tables or anywhere you want for convenient control of your appliances

Save energy effectively through right usage of energy features

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