Rainbow Six: Siege (RB6) Game Modes Overview

Rainbow Six: Siege has three multiplayer game modes that you will play during ranked matchmaking; TDM* – Bomb, TDM – Secure Area, and TDM – Hostage. Each have slightly different objectives, thus changing game play to a degree. (*Stands for Team Death Match).   TDM – Bomb win conditions: Attackers must either eliminate the entire enemy team or plant the defuser and protect it from … Continue reading Rainbow Six: Siege (RB6) Game Modes Overview

Los Angeles Gladiators’ Strat vs London Spitfire

What happened: During the game between Los Angeles Gladiators and London Spitfire at the Overwatch League today (12/07/2018), on the “King’s Row” map Los Angeles Gladiators pull a huge bait strategy that hadn’t been seen before and helped then to 3-0 London Spitfire. The strat involved all of the team (bar one who stayed in spawn – Surefour) pushing around the wall that divides first … 4086705314