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Following the recent news, widely published in the industry and national press regarding a number of offshore wind farms, it seems that last year’s end of warranty inspections highlighted unprecedented amounts of offshore wind turbine, blade leading edge erosion, across several offshore wind farms in Europe. As the offshore wind industry enters

Buss Offshore Solutions GmbH & Co. KG is a member of the Buss Group in Hamburg. It was founded in 1920 as a stevedoring company. Today, it is made up of several units, which are active in different areas of maritime logistics. One of them is the Buss Offshore Solutions GmbH. Right from

Anders Helsinghoff Fjord, CEO at North Sea Hagland Shipbrokers (NSHS) is a regular participant in PES Wind. Here he gives us his thoughts on the company, the industry and the future. He has experienced many changes over the years. His company offers a variety of services to the offshore wind industry, which

PES had a very thought-provoking discussion with Matt Perry, who is a Technical Product Manager and co-founding member of the Renewable Energy Group, as well as the Chair of the Sustainability Committee, at Campbell Scientific, Inc. He also serves on the Logan City Renewable Energy and Conservation Advisory Board. Outside of work,