Earthquake Network

Earthquake Network is a research project started in January 2013 which aims at developing and maintaining a crowdsourced Earthquake Early Warning system based on networks of smartphones. The project currently involves more than 120’000 people all over the world and the network has detected so far more than 230 earthquakes in real time.

The idea is to use the accelerometer on-board smartphones and tablets to detect in real-time the shaking induced by an earthquake. While the single smartphone is not reliable, a network based on a large number of devices can detect earthquakes more accurately and with a low false-alarm rate. When an earthquake is detected, a warning is issued toward all the smartphones in the network. This may allow people living not too close to the epicenter to take cover before they are reached by the damaging waves of the earthquake.

To be part of the network install the Earthquake Network Android application on your device. The application allows to

  • Receive real-time notifications of the earthquakes detected by the network.
  • Manually report an earthquake and see the map of all the user reports in real-time.
  • Receive the notifications of the earthquakes detected by the international seismic networks of USGS, EMSC and others.
  • Chat with other people during an earthquake emergency.