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  • A New Modelling Series Has Arrived!

    A New Modelling Series Has Arrived!

    A NEW Maya/Zbrush Course is Here! In the Scifi Ship Series, we'll sart by creating simple shapes via edge extrusion in Maya as it's one of the easiest methods to create viable meshes. When creating meshes in Maya, th ... (more)
  • BOOM!


    This New Grenade Course is Blowing Up! In Grenade Asset in Substance Painter, we start off with what it takes to model an asset. From there, we will model a block mesh in order to make sure our scale and everything ... (514) 219-4856
  • Texturing the Dreadnought!

    Texturing the Dreadnought!

    Learn How to Texture This Badass Mech! After creating a mesh, in this case a mechanical Dreadnought, it's not enough to simple have a greyscale model...now comes texturing in this course: Dreadnought Texturing Serie ... (more)

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