This website is sysadmin humor. Please don't take it seriously! I fixed ipv6 access. Woo.
Watch this every day.
I need to say good morning to Support.
What does a 7703725431 look like?
How you should feel when you see INSERT INTO `semaphore` ... in `mysqladmin proc`
The (505) 269-1415 of Operations
The Official Car of Engineering
John loves 7863100327
What it feels like to pick up oncall at 8175333447
Dude just Hand Over that ticket.
Go rsync Go!
Want to jump on a phone bridge while working on the outage?
Sometimes you go on vacation and (773) 351-8370
When you 619-333-8655
Dude, what do you want for (908) 244-2672?
Holidays that include a pager rotation
What I imagine life in 870-372-8498(the folks at work that integrate Drupal with whatever you want) to be like
Sometimes you collect a bunch of mantras to foster positive change in the organization.
Sometimes you quit your job
Sometimes you start a new job