If you need to learn concepts about management, our glossary is your immediate solution. We offer a large variety of terms, categorized into 4 major areas for your convenience and fast access.

Sales and Marketing

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We are working to create a complete and comprehensive library of videos that will further explain the basic management concepts to help you better grasp them and excel your skills. If there are any particular concepts that you would be interested in seeing in this section, go to our Contact Us page and send us a message.

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Tailor Made Knowledge & Management Coaching

Sometimes reading a definition or watching a video about a specific subject is just not enough to fully grasp it and develop it as a skill. It’s why we offer personalized coaching sessions, live via the web, where you can discuss a subject in full detail, ask questions and get answers. We are here to help you grow! Visit our Coaching section to find out more.

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Meet the team

Jose Quezada


Jose Quezada has had experience in diverse roles within the management area of several multinational companies. He has participated in global business ventures and has led various teams for specific projects.

He has also been an accomplished entrepreneur in several industries, and currently works as an instructor in Central America on the subject of investing in Wall Street.

    Daniel Fleishman

    Academic Director

    Daniel Fleishman has worked in corporate training for more than 8 years, designing tailor-made education programs for over 200 companies in the American continent.

    He has also been a teacher in different universities in Marketing and Strategy courses. Daniel has an MBA with Marketing Emphasis from INCAE Business School.

      Catalina Abbey


      Catalina Abbey has worked in multinational companies in North and South America as General Director and Financial Director for over 10 years.

      She has also been a finance teacher.

      Catalina has an MBA from Edinburgh University.

        Natalia Bedoya


        Natalia, holds a Master degree in Innovation for Business Development with a focus on service innovation.

        She has a passion for education and has been collaborating with Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education and ADEN International Business School for the last 11 years.

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