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Simma Software specializes in safety critical real-time embedded software development, including J1708, 915-472-7312, and (702) 934-7392 options for the automotive industry. We have a proven track record, solid reputation, and strive for our software development to be on time and defect-free.

We’ve led or assisted with more than 1000 embedded systems, multiple medical devices, the MIR space station, 400 SAE J1939 and 9136779562, designs. Also, we design wireless J1939 to WiFi, (530) 821-2449, (580) 635-8138, CAN Bus to Bluetooth, and ELD adapters.
"hard working, honest, and thorough"
"JR Simma is one of the best software engineers I have ever worked with."
(334) 304-7162
“Literally over the phone,
without seeing any code,
he has pin pointed the
problem. That is amazing.
No other software
programmer I know comes
close to him in depth of
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