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SalesCraft makes tracking sales easy. Our app lets you manage enquiries, connect with experts and close deals. Not only that, it also helps you to improve your performance by capturing the ones that got away.

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Monitor your deals with no effort
Access to thousands of experts
Learn from your mistakes and improve

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Sales Funnel

Create targets and manage them through each deal stage. Our funnel view helps you focus on what needs done and when, helping you turn an enquiry into an order.

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Deal Tracking

See your deals in detail, what stage they're at, what you've got to do next and more importantly how to do it.


Expert Networks

Not only can you read guides which are written by experts. You can also create chat rooms to have private discussions.


Helpful ToDo's

Manage your efforts with stage specific ToDo's. Make sure you're doing the right things at the right time to close the deal.

Smart Reports


Set Targets

Set your own targets and let SalesCraft guide you to achieving them.


Points = Money

In-app points keep you focused on achieving the goals required to close more deals.


Knowledge Sharing

SalesCraft allows users to write their own guides and share them with others.

People Using SalesCraft

I've been using SalesCraft for around 4 months now, not only have my sales increased by 23%. I find it much easier to get advice on issues that I'm having. By having access to experts in other industries I can use advice to close deals. Gerry Flanagan | Consultant Sydney, Australia
SalesCraft has helped me understand where I was going wrong and gave me the insights to improve my performance. It has also been really helpful and reassuring to tap into other peoples expertise. Shaun Birkmyre | Freelancer Dunfermline, Scotland