It may come as a surprise to learn that homeowners insurance policies in Texas and across the nation do not cover structural damage or damage to contents caused by floods. In fact, a separate policy is necessary to protect yourself from the ravages of water and the loss that too much of it can cause. You may think that you do not have to worry about flooding because it has never flooded in your town or part of the state of Texas. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Whether you know it or not, flooding turns out to be the most frequent type of natural disaster in Texas and most anywhere. Floods can also happen at most any time and most any place. You do not even have to reside anywhere close to water to be a victim of the ravages of uncontrolled water. In every part of the United States and most parts of Texas, hurricanes and tornados cause floods, overflowing lakes and rivers can cause inland flooding, and flash floods from simply too much rain too quickly can occur. Sadly, it only takes a few inches of water to create damage to the tune of literally tens of thousands of dollars.

It is no good waiting to upgrade from standard Texas homeowners insurance to flood insurance until the rain waters are already falling. Even though you may never have witnessed a flood in your town or community, you are at risk of one at an unpredictable time. Remember the truth that anyplace that it rains, it can and may flood. Floods can be as localized as two or more acres that are typically dry becoming overwhelmed by mudflows or water.

All of this is why residents of Texas need something more than just homeowners insurance to protect their homes against floods. Flood insurance is that additional hedge of protection for a great many homeowners. Once you have flood insurance and not just homeowners insurance, your house is protected should groundwater rise and your home be flooded. Some people take this insurance on optionally, and others are required to have it by their mortgage holder if they live in a higher flood risk zone.

The National Flood Insurance Program, or NFIP, suggests that everyone in America goes beyond homeowners insurance and gets flood insurance. This is because the flood-causing situations like melting snow, heavy rain, and coastal severe weather can and do happen practically everywhere. The scary truth is that one out of five flood insurance claims originates from a person and place that is considered to be medium- or even lower-risk areas. If you are interested in learning the chances of having a flood in your Texas community, simply go to www.floodtools.com. This ingenious tool utilizes elevation and rainfall to determine your actual risk level.

In the end wherever you get your flood insurance policy from, it should cost you the same. This is because it is all backed by the government’s National Flood Insurance Program anyway. There is no reason to live in fear of a flood when flood policies can be had for as little as starting at $129 each year. Do not just trust in your homeowners insurance, as this homeowners insurance will not save you from the devastating effects of a flood.


If you’re covered by Health Insurance in Texas, you might be interested in a Harvard University study regarding hospitals owned by doctors in the United States. According to the study, there are about 250 hospitals owned by doctors in the United States. The study looked at whether these hospitals tended to focus on treating wealthier patients and provided unnecessary medical services and surgeries to their patients. Critics also argue that doctor owned hospitals attract patients with private Health Insurance in Texas, which hurts community hospitals.

Supporters say doctor owned hospitals often focus on particular types of surgeries. For instance, well over half the surgeries Victory Healthcare in Dallas performs are for orthopedic and spinal procedures. However, one can argue that patients benefit from improved quality because the doctors have a great deal of experience with the surgeries they do perform. These hospitals are also often able to reduce costs because physicians are more efficient at performing the surgeries, so they take less time. This is great news for people with Health Insurance in Texas. Hospitals can also keep supply costs down because they can purchase the items needed in larger quantities. For people with Health Insurance in Texas, it’s encouraging to know that the care they can receive at a physician owned hospital can be affordable.

Patients aren’t the only ones who benefit at these physician owned hospitals, though if you have Health Insurance in Texas, it’s an important consideration. However, since doctors have more of a say in how care is provided, they often enjoy working at a doctor owned hospital. These hospitals focus on how to help doctors and medical professionals treat patients instead of simply focusing on controlling costs, as is the case at many other hospitals. However, that’s probably to be expected given the current costs for Health Insurance in Texas. Still, it’s good to know that patient care and the work environment for doctors are important considerations as well. This focus contributes to better quality of care for patients and more productive doctors and medical professionals.

The 2015 Harvard study looked at the care doctor owned hospitals provided and tends to take a positive view of these hospitals. It’s an important consideration for people with Health Insurance since Texas has many doctor owned hospitals. The study determined that patients at these hospitals did tend to be somewhat healthier than the patients treated at other hospitals. However, the study did not find these hospitals tried to attract wealthier patients.

As far as care, the study found the quality of care patients received at the doctor owned hospitals was similar to that received by patients at other hospitals. The costs of medical care at these hospitals was also similar to the costs at other types of hospitals. The study noted patients at physician owned hospitals had shorter hospital stays, which could reduce costs. Of course, that’s important given the costs of Health Insurance in Texas. However, the early discharge of patients did not result in more patients being readmitted or having more negative outcomes than other hospital patients.

Why Help Your Kids Find Cheap Car Insurance

When the time comes for your children to own vehicles, you want them to learn a strong sense of responsibility. As a result, you’ve decided that you aren’t going to help them find cheap car insurance. You either want them to conduct the research by themselves, or you want them to get a taste of how expensive life can really be. However, assisting them in their quest for cheap car insurance has benefits to offer to both of you.

Paying It for Themselves
In the event that you want your kids to learn some tough financial lessons early on while they still have you as a safety net, you probably want them to pay for the car insurance themselves. However, if they do not have cheap car insurance, that can prove impossible, especially for teenagers who are just starting out at their first jobs. On the other hand, when you help them to find cheap car insurance, you can procure costs that are actually reasonable for them to pay. Since they can afford the car insurance plan, they are likely less to come to you asking for help.

Developing Savvy Financial Research Skills
Think back to the time when you first wanted to obtain cheap car insurance for yourself. If no one taught you how to do it, then you probably would not have gained the necessary skills. Going out there in the world and learning how to do things for themselves is important for teenagers, but so is receiving guidance. Teaching your kids how to find cheap car insurance offers them a valuable skill that they can hold on to for their lives. Not only will they know how to find cheap car insurance, but they will understand the value of searching for deals in general.

Obtaining a Lower Rate for Yourself
Perhaps you have been on the same car insurance plan for such a long time that you don’t even think about your rate too much anymore. It’s just a bill that comes in like all of the rest, and you don’t even think of it as expensive. However, as you are searching for cheap car insurance with your kids, you may discover that a slew of better rates are out there. In fact, you may express shock at how much rates have changed since you first obtained your current car insurance plan. As you help your kids to pick the right price quotation, you can get yourself some cheap car insurance too.

Discovering Family Plans and Bundles
Another issue that happens when you don’t keep up-to-date with different prices and packages is that you’re completely unaware of the options that exist. Right now, you may just have one car in your house, or you may have two on separate policies. As you’re helping your children to find cheap car insurance, you may also learn about the benefit of bundling your policies. Generally, you can get a cheaper rate when you put more than one car on the same policy. In fact, you can usually even have your homeowners insurance policy on the same plan for further discounts. During this phase of the research process, you will likely need to decide if you want to have your kids on the same plan that you are on to get money-saving benefits for you all.

As your kids turn into teenagers and begin to drive, you want them to really learn what it means to operate and own a car. Still though, showing them how to obtain cheap car insurance is an idea that can have benefits for both of you.