The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old,

but on building the new.

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What is The FluxLab?

The FluxLab is a revolutionary body-transformation programme specifically designed for high-achieving females.

Formulated through years of trial and error, personal research and statistical data on hundreds of clients, the FluxLab was created by leading Irish Personal Trainer and weight loss specialist, Sadhbh Hammond. Sadhbh wanted to create a clear and straightforward path to fitness for all of her clients.

With a focus on purpose instead of procedure, and progress above perfection, The FluxLab provides you and your trainer with a real-time view of your progress, allowing them to dynamically tailor your diet and exercise plan to maximise your results.

One-on-one PT

  • ● Customised Nutrition Plan
  • ● Customised Training Plan
  • ● Biweekly/monthly measurments
  • ● 24/7 contact
  • ● FluxLab Membership

Semi-private PT

  • ● Customised Nutrition Plan
  • ● Customised Training Plan
  • ● Biweekly/monthly measurments
  • ● 24/7 contact
  • ● FluxLab Membership

Online Coaching

  • ● Customised Nutrition Plan
  • ● Customised Training Plan
  • ● Weekly check-in and adjustments
  • ● 24-hour reply policy
  • ● Fluxlab Membership
(214) 667-7943

8-Week Course

  • ● 3 measurement milestones and fitness test
  • ● Nutrition guidelines
  • ● 3 sessions/week
  • ● Weekly adjustments
  • ● Group challenges
  • ● WhatsApp group

Laura Cole

The Fluxlab is one of the best courses I have ever taken. Not many personal trainers provide such an in depth and thorough programme as Sadhbh’s. Not only are the weekly classes intense, varied and stimulating but her approach to total health and well-being is unique. She ensures clients are looking after themselves in all aspects of their life to gain the desired results. I personally achieved results that I’ve never experienced before, and in
contrast to other trainers she is determined that her clients have the best technique possible. Bad form leads to injuries but it also makes exercises unnecessarily hard which I feel is often never explained to people properly. Every movement is explained in detail so you get a full understanding of what you're doing, you're never just a passive participant that comes to class and leaves without ever fully being present. She demands that you're fully in it, and the reward in return for that is amazing.

Naomi Davey

I have been training with the FluxLab for just under a year. The sessions on each program are incredibly client-focused and no workout is ever the same. I have a hectic lifestyle and the personal trainers are particularly accommodating with my ever-changing schedule. I always feel like I’m getting stronger with every session whilst continuing to enjoy my training. So glad I signed up!

Grainne Callaghan

Brilliant experience so far. The FluxLab PTs are very friendly and genuine, and have been very flexible in accommodating our training! Training with The FluxLab is completely different - here, the training is tailored to suit the individual, whilst at the same time, pushing for improvements every time! I love seeing the results. I love pushing to improve on goals, and this program helps us to achieve this in a very structured and progressive way. Training with The FluxLab is excellent for several reasons - training is enjoyable, and targeted to help us achieve our goals. This has given us tangible results already!

Niamh Slattery

Sadhbh from The FluxLab is brilliant at what she does and always has time for everyone, whether they are beginners or regulars. The difference is that she gets to know people first and utilises their strengths to help them reach their fitness goals. Couldn’t recommend anymore!

Aideen Maulton

I barely knew what the inside of a gym looked like before I started with Sadhbh from The FluxLab. Now, one year in, I'm going to the gym by myself three times a week. The classes were an easy way to get into it. Having fun and working out with a great group of girls almost made me not realise how hard she was pushing us. I'd highly recommend this programme to anyone looking to change their life.

Beth Meany

This programme has been amazing, I've seen excellent results that I couldn't have achieved without the combination of expert knowledge and tailored workouts, not to mention the continuous encouragement and support! This is the one-stop shop for anyone looking to change how they look. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.


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