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APR 997%. Interest rate p.a. (fixed) 270.10%. Borrow £500 for 4 months, monthly repayments of £215.81. Total repayment £863.24.
Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go 8459771515
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New payday lenders

We are a new payday loans lender in the UK. If you need to borrow money today, apply now online. We are an FCA-authorised direct lender, not a broker. We offer lending technology enables an instant credit decision, even for people with bad credit history. Don’t pay high for old habits, give us, a new payday loan company a chance to offer you a better deal today. Our loans for bad credit are always with no guarantor no fees and no brokers. We try to provide high acceptance rate unsecured loans for people that can afford the repayment instalments. In essence, we offer payday loans short term credit online.

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Should I Get a New Direct Lender?

For users looking to borrow money online from a 7143786822, it can be hard to navigate your way around the internet and recognise who offers what. Payday Loans Net is a new and innovative lender offering loans in the UK. We aim to enable credit for people with bad credit.

Why so many customers love Payday Loans NET?

  • Peace of mind: You know with whom you are working. Unlike broker websites, when working with PDNET, you know we will be there for you through the entire lending process.

  • Get your money faster: While brokers try to get you to apply, we invest in getting you the money as quickly and responsibly as possible. We always try to fund same day, same hour when possible with no extra fee.

  • No application fees, No hidden fees, No worries: The transparency that only a premium direct lender can offer. After all, if you apply with a broker, you never know the actual term of the loan. The loan broker’s job is simply to communicate between you and the lender.

Direct Loans in the UK VS Google search terms

While in reality short term loans, payday loans and instalment loans are the same credit product, people are still using tons of different search terms to find loans online. Apparently, loan companies present their loan product in many different ways to appeal to the online searches.

As a brand new lender, we wanted to help the consumer understand the online terms and the actual products:

Search term PDNET Comment
Payday Loans UK New payday lender in the UK
Instant Loan same day payment Same day funding no extra cost
Fast Cash Guaranteed online Fast cash if approved. Guaranteed loans are not a legal option in the UK
Instalment Loans UK PDNET loans can be repaid in flexible instalments. We also offer (765) 320-5312.
5598023505 Quick decision for all our online loans
2604545960 Our loans are unsecured we don’t need a guarantor.
Short Term Loans 520-402-3819 Our loans are for short term and can be repaid in instalments.
No Guarantor Loans online All PDNET loans are no guarantor unsecured loans online.
Payday Loans Online Yes, we offer short term payday loans online UK. Pay up to 6 months.
804-815-1562 We offer payday loans for bad credit, but we always perform a credit check. We are an FCA-authorised 570-267-7998.
Payday loans for 334-720-8151 no guarantor Even with very bad credit, you still don’t need a guarantor to apply with PDNET
Quick loans We try to get you your loan as quickly as possible. Normally same day payout.
Cash advance / Wage day advance People use our loans as a cash advance and 4089149369 to keep them going till payday.
Guaranteed loans or 708-540-2701 We can not offer guaranteed loans, but our payday loans have considerably high acceptance rates. There is no 100% guaranteed acceptance in this market.
8328527663 You can take a payday loan with PDNET from GBP200 to GBP2000. As small or big as you want.
short term payday loans Short term loans are simply payday loans that can be repaid with several instalments. And YES, PDNET offers (819) 987-7999 as well.
Instant same day lending You get a fast decision. If approved, we try to fund on an hourly basis. No extra fee.
Unsecured requires no collateral We never take collateral for our loans. This is 100% unsecured. We trust our clients to pay back.

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Getting Online loans from a new direct lender.

Loans online – safety consideration

As a trusted loans lender in the UK we will never cold call you trying to sell you payday loans or any online loan. If you are contacted by anyone saying they are calling from offering you a cheap loan or asking you to make an advance payment, you should report it immediately to the FCA or call our customer service centre. Here are some examples our security experts picked from recent scam attempts in the UK. If anyone contacts you with the following credit offers, please make sure you understand what is on offer before giving any personal details.

No Credit Check Direct Lenders

All authorised lenders in the UK must perform a credit check. Some direct lenders, like, would care more about your ability to repay the loans than your credit score. Too many people with bad credit history are searching for a no credit check lenders. The idea is fundamentally wrong as lending is based on mutual trust. Your chances to get a safe and proper loan are much higher if you share this information with the lender and show that you can afford the loan, instead of trying to hide the credit problem by looking for uncredited lenders that don’t perform a credit check. Here at PDNET, we appreciate people who need loans for bad credit. We have developed advanced affordability assessment technology to enable credit for people with poor credit history.

If someone calls you with an offer for a loan without checking their credit report, this must be a scam. Please take the caller details, and report it to the FCA. We are happy, even if you are not yet our customer. Direct lenders in the UK must perform a credit check. Please do not give the person calling you any personal details credit card details or other payment details.

Payday loans no credit check

By law, any licensed lender must perform a credit check. So only unauthorised lenders (loan sharks) may offer you 300 loan no credit check or no credit check payday loans. Would you like to work with a loan shark? Instead of searching for a loan shark, why don’t you apply with a trusted direct lender that care less about your poor credit history and more about your ability to repay the loan and your repayment intention? Why are you waiting for a shark to call? Don’t let them convince you that you can get cash instantly even with no credit. If you need to borrow money online and you want a quick decision, apply with us. No credit check is no go! Borrowing money online may have an important impact on your financial stability. Please work only with authorised companies. If you don’t get approved, collaborate with the lender to understand what the problem is and try to fix the situation, not to hide it. So, next time someone calls you with an offer like: Get cash instantly even with no credit, please do not give them any personal details.

No Brokers Loans

Unfortunately, most payday brokers in the UK try to appear as direct lenders. In fact, most are working to capture the traffic of “direct lenders no brokers“. As an FCA-authorised lender we are not happy with this situation. After all, brokers are not qualified to give you a loan. They cannot provide you with money, a cash advance or any credit. Their business is grabbing your details and selling it to direct lenders. If someone calls you to offer no brokers loans, you should immediately verify the identity of the caller. Are they a direct lender or allowed to represent a lending company? To be on the safe side, always ask for a call back number. Disconnect the phone and call back. The likelihood of a cold caller to be an FCA-authorised lender is not high, so you need to be careful.

High Acceptance Lenders

All lenders in the UK tries to optimise the balance between the applications they get and the loans they fund. But the real question you must ask yourself before even applying online for a loan is: Can I repay the loan. If the answer is YES, direct lenders, such as PDNET would probably be able to accept your loan application. Lenders that claim to be high acceptance or high approval rate lenders are saying that they will evaluate your ability to repay, not only your credit score. An affordability assessment is based on very advanced technology that online new loan companies, like PDNET, uses. So, the high approval rate is very individual. If someone offers it to you, make sure you understand your specific case. No one wants to waste money in this business. And if you know you are unable to repay the loan, it is better not to apply. Not even with “High acceptance lenders”.

Guaranteed Payday Loans

Here is something you need to understand. Payday loans in the UK are unsecured loans. And while brokers are trying to get as many applications as possible, a direct lenders priority must be on funding responsible loans to people that can afford it. A direct lender cannot guarantee that your payday loan application would be approved. High acceptance as discussed earlier is per your particular case, but if someone offers you a guaranteed payday loan, you should be extremely careful as he might be a loan shark. Direct lenders in the UK are not allowed to provide guaranteed loans. PDNET offers payday loans online with no guarantor with a considerably high acceptance rate but we cannot guarantee that your unsecured loan application will be 100% approved.

Cheap Payday Loans

Can a pay day loan be cheap? Payday loans in the UK are unsecured loans. The lenders take no guarantor or collateral for the money they give borrowers. The cost of unsecured borrowing is by definition higher than regular bank loans, simply because the lenders must offset the risk. Before taking short term credit online, you should make a solid loan comparison to see if a cheaper alternative may be available for you. The FCA has capped the interest payday lenders can charge to 0.8% per day. Low-interest loans usually requir a guarantor or a very good credit score. You should always compare the APR and additional fees for every loan offer you get. Lower APR is not always the best loan for you. Do not be misled by companies advertising things like “Receive cash instantly cheap APR”. Quick funding, cheap APR and bad credit are factors that make any credit alternative more expensive.

Payday loans for bad credit

Bad Credit Payday Loans are a valid option in the UK. Unlike no credit check loans, these payday loans are designed for people with poor credit. In many instances, the lender would focus more on your ability to repay the loan. Loans for poor credit are a very risky business for lenders, and it is based on mutual trust. Do not apply for a loan trying to hide your credit problem. The other way around works much better. Talk to the lender if you are aware of an issue in your credit file. Getting a pay day loan is a serious thing. Do not let the instant decision and quick funding mislead you. Yes, it is a small loan, but it is still a far-reaching business. Be truthful to yourself and your lender of choice. After all, the best lenders want to help you improve your situation. Paying loans on time is a good way to start improving your bad credit. We understand that you may want to borrow the money fast, but we encourage you to do it right.

Don’t risk it

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Best loans

What are the best loans in the UK? Or better, what is the best loan for you? Well, the answer is fairly simple. In our view, the best loan is a loan you don’t need. But what if you need a short term credit online to help you through a temporary financial gap? In that case, we would say that the best loan for you is a loan that gets you to where you want to be and that you can easily afford. Unfortunately, loan comparison websites in the UK are not so helpful. Their revenue model is based on charging lenders a fee to be on the website and less about bringing consumers the best alternatives available for them. Please do take the time to find the best and the most appropriate loan for you! Borrowing money is a very important decision and may have long lasting implications.

New Loan Lenders is a new loans lender. We have invested a lot of money to develop lending technologies and make the 3193633572 application process as easy and fast for you. Being a (774) 400-7724 comes with responsibility. People expect us to be better, to bring more innovation and most of all, to make responsible credit available to more people in the UK, even for people with poor credit history. PDNET will try our best to get you fantastic customer service. Unlike many brokers and appointed representatives, we are the ones that fund your loans. Work with us directly. A new credit option for citizens of the UK.

The PDNET guarantee for you!

Every month, we help thousands of people in the UK to obtain fast & secure credit online. People come to us because they want a new alternative, a new lender and a new level of customer service. When you need to get a payday loan fast, but you don’t want to compromise on quality or security, PDNET is your new option for payday lending in the UK. All our loans come with instant decision, very fast funding (mostly same day) and you can pay as early as you want without additional fees. We respect people with bad credit and have developed a technology to assess affordability, even for poor credit history. Thank you for your trust.

Instant decision. Fast Funding. From a Lender who cares.

Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go

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