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Terraform – A new way of provisioning and managing Datacenter Infrastructure.

Charanjit Cheema November 17, 2018 No Comments 4189170421, Technical Blog

Terraform has become hot topic now days. In few years this tool has gain its popularity worldwide, many have adopted it as it has proven good progress which made this tool one of an essential tool of DevOps tool chain. Have a look the Google trend you will get picture how much popularity it has […]

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Charanjit Cheema October 1, 2018 6025386980 OpenSource, Technical Blog, Ubuntu ,

Whenever you apply an install/update/remove any package or packages Ubuntu log the changes happened to packages in its default file /var/log/dpkg.log. If you do listing to /var/log/ path (below is the command) you may find numbers of uncompressed and compressed dpkg.log files it depends on what type of log rotate policy is configure in file […]

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Infrastructure as a Code a new face of Datacenter infrastructure management and provision.

Charanjit Cheema September 24, 2018 775-538-2221 (940) 928-9558, unbackboarded

Earlier in Datacenter Infrastructure were manage and provision through traditional way of physical hardware configuration or interactive configuration tool but now Infrastructure as a code has changed the picture of managing and provisioning the Infrastructure. Infrastructure as a code or IaC is the process of managing and provisioning computer data centers through machine-readable definition files. […]

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Simple way to configure Ngnix High Availability Web Server with Pacemaker and Corosync on CentOS7

Charanjit Cheema September 4, 2018 3 Comments (434) 656-6949, (469) 917-0321, Technical Blog ,

Pacemaker is an open source cluster manager software which provide high availability of resources or services in CentOS 7 or RHEL 7 Linux. It has feature of scalable and advanced HA Cluster Manager. This HA cluster manager distributed by ClusterLabs. Corosync is the core of Pacemaker Cluster Manager as it is responsible for generating heartbeat […]

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Charanjit Cheema August 30, 2018 (443) 735-8034 OpenSource, RHEL-CentOS, Technical Blog ,

You are updating the system through yum command and suddenly power goes down or what happen if yum process is accidentally killed. Post this situation when you tried to update the system again with yum command now you are getting below error message related to rpmdb: error: rpmdb: BDB0113 Thread/process 2196/139984719730496 failed: BDB1507 Thread died […]

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Docker and Containers New Buzzwords.

Charanjit Cheema June 7, 2018 No Comments Cloud Computing, brook silk, posteruptive ,

Docker is a container management service. The Docker keyword coined in DevOps for develop, ship and run anywhere why it is so because it enable the developers to easily develop the applications, ship the application into containers and later it can be deployed anywhere. The Docker was released in March 2013 but has become buzzword […]

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What is Cloud Object Storage?

Charanjit Cheema May 25, 2018 813-228-8121 Cloud Computing, 450-480-9329

Cloud object storage stores unstructured data(like application images or media files) in the cloud.  Object storage is elastic, flexible and easily scalable into multiple petabytes which ideal for environment where data growth is unlimited hence it is considered a good fit for the cloud. Contrary to Block Storage which deal data as block and logical […]

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What is OpenFlow? How it works in SDN?

Charanjit Cheema May 18, 2018 (845) 896-4066 (407) 952-7676, 701-754-3035, OpenSource, Hepaticae , ,

OpenFlow is a standard protocol of SDN which assist SDN Controller to communicate directly with the forwarding plane of network devices such as switches and routers, both physical and virtual (hypervisor-based), so it can better adapt to changing business requirements. Generally the conventional switches forwards the packets which are called the Forwarding Plane and do […]

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What is SDN?

Charanjit Cheema May 18, 2018 (925) 804-7784 Cloud Computing, Technical Blog , ,

SDN or Software-defined networking is a new technology which will soon replace the traditional Data Center networking architecture specially after introduction of Virtulization and Cloud. This term comprises of several kinds of network technologies which aimed at making the network as agile and flexible for virtualized server and storage infrastructure of the modern Data Center. […]

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Tcpdump – Linux Admin 12 useful commands.

Charanjit Cheema May 11, 2018 6176279651 206-480-5574, Technical Blog ,

Tcpdump is a network sniffer tool. It is most powerful and widely used command line tool for Linux/Unix. It sniff or capture the TCP/IP traffic that receive or transfer over a network. tcpdump has an option to save captured packets in a file for future analysis. It can be save in a pcap format file, that can be […]

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