Catering to your greater storage needs

Bucket storage

More reliable, highly secured and
scalable storage service.
Helps you to resolve IP load balancing
issues, increases CDN speed
Pay-per-use storage.

Blu-Ray Storage

High data security and reliability.
Low power consumption.
Convenient off-site storage solution
with long lifespan.

Archiving and Disaster

Data centre archive and disaster recovery functions.
Digital archive long-term safekeeping.
Uncertain if the data is to be archived immediately

Suitable for Various Industries

  • Financial Institutions
    Financial Institutions

    Blu-ray cloud cold storage platform
    can be used for the long-term
    safekeeping of the video archives of
    transaction processes.

  • Data Centers
    Data Centers

    Almost all data centers have disaster recovery requirements. Optical and magnetic integrated cloud storage is a reliable solution to replace the tape backup solution, providing cold data storage backup for various data
    centers and low-cost long-term
    storage of potentially valuable data.

  • Media Asset Systems
    Media Asset Systems

    The Media Asset Management
    System (MAM) is a content
    management platform developed for business needs such as digital TV,
    mobile TV and multimedia content
    distribution. It mainly stores media
    data of various types of video
    materials, audio materials, texts, and pictures.

  • Digital Files Archives
    Digital Files Archives

    In order to adapt to the growing demand for the management and
    utilization of archive information
    resources in the information society,
    various types of archives use modern information technology to collect,
    process, store and manage paper archives and provide public archives
    information services.

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