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Thank you for visiting You are obviously looking for the best and Spectraflex has been providing the best for almost 23 years. Spectraflex Cables are the "Original Braided Cables" used by musicians the world over. The rugged, high quality nylon braiding that we take so much pride in, is there for a reason: It protects and enhances the performance of the cable's internal components, while preventing tangles and adding flexibility. All Spectraflex cables feature state of the art construction, designed to provide superior frequency response and ultra low handling noise. And our skilled designers and technicians produce some of the finest looking cables on the planet. So, whether you're a seasoned musician, grizzled garage rocker, or just torturing your neighbors, we make sure your sound arrives in style. Models are available for all instrument, microphone and speaker applications, and come in a mind-boggling array of colors and styles. Accept no substitutes. Your equipment always looks and sounds better with a Spectraflex Cable, not some bogus look-alike. All Spectraflex Cables are made in the USA and come with a Lifetime Warranty. They're built to last and can take whatever you can dish out. So, go ahead-play hard. We've got your back.

Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight-New for 2011-N-Flex Series Guitar and Instrument Cables: We proudly announce the addition of Neutrik Plugs to our Original Series product line, to create
Our latest design of Professional Guitar and Instrument cables.

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Spectraflex Unplugged

Everyone knows the legendary performance Spectraflex Cables provide when plugged into awesome talent and great gear, but how does it stack up when late nights and jam sessions leave you feeling slightly "Off your Rocker".

Welcome to "Spectraflex Unplugged"

This is a forum to showcase "Your" ingenuity and imagination by finding something for your Spectraflex cable to do when it's not on the business end of a guitar.

So whether you're waiting around for that next big record deal or just have way too much time on your hands..Pick up a Spectraflex Cable and a digital camera, call your friends, neighbors, probation officer, shrink, Federal and Local officials, trained circus animals, everyone and anyone, and put us to the test.

Go to the "Contact Us" drop down and send us an email through "Send Us a Message". Tell us that you wish to submit pics or videos for the "Spectraflex Unplugged" segment and we'll take it from there.

New Unplugged:


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