Independence Day: Importance of November 18 in Morocco’s History

Rabat - Also known as “Eid Al Istiqlal,” the commemoration of Morocco’s Independence Day also celebrates the return of the royal family from exile...

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King Mohammed VI Appoints New President of the Competition Council

Rabat - The King met the newly appointed official earlier today to discuss the prerogatives of his new function as well as the council’s importance...

King Mohammed VI Inaugurate New Large-Scale Railway Projects

Rabat - These structural projects are intended to support the substantial development of the sector, with the launch last Thursday of the high-speed train...
Rabat - Bill 94.18 approves Decree-Law No. 2.18.781, establishing the Moroccan Health Insurance Fund (CMAM), says  Deputy Minister for Relations with Parliament and Civil Society, and government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi. Presented by the Minister of Labour and Vocational Integration, this...
Rabat- The report, “Expectations and Aspirations: A new framework for education,” suggests that teaching methods throughout the MENA region are highly focused on memorization and do not provide much scope for students to develop their imagination and critical thinking...
Rabat-  In a statement, Morocco’s Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs announced that as the 1st of Rabi Al Awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar fell on November 9, Eid Al Mawlid celebrated by Sunni Muslims on the...
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