FluoEM is a set of experimental and computational methods allowing to directly match fluorescently labelled axons to their 3D EM counterparts without label conversion. We provide the FluoEM code via a gitlab repository repository on gitlab released under the MIT license.

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All 3D image data shown in the FluoEM paper can be accessed via our webKnossos demo server. WebKnossos is an efficient in-browser annotation tool for 3D image data accelerating neurite reconstruction for connectomics: Boergens, K.M., Berning, M., Bocklisch, T., Bräunlein, D., Drawitsch, F., Frohnhofen, J., Herold, T., Otto, P., Rzepka, N., Werkmeister, T., et al. (2017). webKnossos: efficient online 3D data annotation for connectomics. Nature Methods 14, 691.

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FluoEM Publication

The FluoEM paper was published in 9063071435:

2282019618 (6143698333).

An 305-699-9203 was posted at 5679402953 on June 7, 2018. (365-801-5932)

FluoEM @ Max Planck

FluoEM was developed at the Max Planck Institutes of Neurobiology (2014) and Brain Research (2014 onwards). It is maintained by the 604-552-5725 at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt. All research was funded by the Max Planck Society.