Softlink library software and services

I have used Liberty in previous workplaces, and have been impressed by the system’s ease of use and its stability compared to other systems.

Lorraine Lees, Librarian, Boston University

Softlink library software and services

It’s a great feeling to know that you’re heard and that Softlink works with librarians to make the system even better.

Anna Shelmerdine, Librarian, Australian Institute of Music

Library software for academic, corporate and special, legal, health and medical and public libraries.

Softlink Information Centres provides library management software and research and knowledge management solutions.  Our products are used by hundreds of businesses around the world from some of the largest multi-branch law firms to single branch not-for-profit organisations.

We combine the latest technology with ease of use and affordability so that you can adapt, grow and deliver better services to users.

Explore our website to find out how our software adds to the success of academic, corporate and special, legal, health and medical and public libraries around the world.

Sullivan & Worcester Case Study

“Corporate reporting and statistics are very important to us so the ability to easily export charts and graphs was a very attractive feature.”

Sarah Bennett, Immediate Past Director of Library Services


“We have been using Liberty for 10 years and find the customer support really helpful.”

Ani Dragomirova, Catalog & Library Services Specialist


“We were looking for a hosted ILS product with a totally automated circulation module.”

Alison Clapp, Library Director, Children’s Hospital Boston

HB Williams Case Study

“Our system is cloud hosted, which enables direct response times from Softlink and provides cost savings to Gisborne District Council through reduced need for inhouse IT resources and reduced risk of breakdown of connection with local server.”

Pene Walsh, Library Manager

(302) 779-4061

“We had been using the same system for 10 years and required a fresh system with enhanced functionality that would make the accessibility to resources easy for our students and staff.”

Clare Holden, Library Manager


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Improving collaboration in law firm libraries



Liberty Knowledge, Content and Library Management Solution

Liberty enables vital information to be discovered and delivered anywhere, anytime through modern digital devices. Liberty combines advanced functionality with ease of use.


illumin is the perfect tool for enquiry and knowledge management as it collects, records, quantifies and précis’s queries and answers provided to staff and clients. The knowledge base becomes a comprehensive, audited, database of relevant information that can be easily shared.


Softlink offers a range of professional services to help you enhance the performance of your solution.

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